Aliens Law / Immigration Law

If you have problems with your residence permit, because it is about to expire or if you need an extension, or if you apply for a work permit (TWV), we can help with the understanding and meeting the rules and regulations.

Criminal Law

If you are suspect of a criminal offence, a minor theft or a major offence like homicide, we will assist you from the moment you are taken into custody to the ultimate trial in case of appeal.

Labour Law

If you have a conflict with your employer about a leave of absence (holidays, family care) or you are enable to dispose of an employee who fails to live up to your expectations, we will help you reach an acceptable and suitable agreement.

Family Law

If you would like a divorce, mutually agreed or not, or if you wish deny being the natural parent of a child, we have ample experience in dealing with the necessary procedures.

Administrative Law

If you face unfavourable decisions of the DWI or UWV by stopping the payment of social security or other benefits, we can appeal against the decisions of these government agencies and ask the Judge for a temporary agreement.

Law of Social Services

If you disagree with the Dutch authorities about matters concerning Health Law, Pension plan or child benefits, we will assist you with your application or appeal.

Rent Law

If you have questions about being a co-tenant or if you paid a deposit at the beginning of the rental period and the landlord refuses to refund it when you move out, we can find a proper legal solution.

and much more…